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Chart Explanation

What's going on here?

This chart shows how much power a single trinket adds to a profile.

It uses the "tier appropriate" SimulationCraft profile. If the fight style is neither patchwerk nor castingpatchwerk a "tier appropriate" fallback profile is used to improve the data quality. In a custom chart if the creator provided a profile, it replaces the formerly mentioned profiles.

Both trinkets are removed from the profile. Instead one trinket with the appropriate primary stat and a static Versatility amount is equipped. This profile is the base profile. For each trinket and trinket itemlevel you see above a new profile is created.

Warning about Idols:
In case your profile does not have any gems, or uses the same gem in all available slots Idols won't simulate properly. They require different gems to proc their different stats.

# SimulatonCraft example override
## Unbound Changeling [Crit], itemlevel: 242