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Chart Explanation

What's going on here?
Tier Sets

This chart shows how much power can be gained by adding Tier Set effects to a profile.

It uses the "tier appropriate" SimulationCraft profile. If the fight style is neither patchwerk nor castingpatchwerk a "tier appropriate" fallback profile is used to improve the data quality. In a custom chart if the creator provided a profile, it replaces the formerly mentioned profiles.

The profile is used by disabling all tier set effects (see example below). Additional profiles are being created based on this base profile, but in these profiles more and more bonuses are being activated. Because the same profile is used multiple times we can observe the dps gain the enabled tier set provides for this specific profile.

# SimulationCraft example overrides
## disable the tier 28 two piece bonus

## disable the tier 28 four piece bonus

## enable the tier 28 two piece bonus

## enable the tier 28 four piece bonus
Special notes
  • SimulationCraft usually detects set bonuses and the number of equipped set items. However for this chart we want to control the number of active bonuses. Therefore we need above overrides.
  • In SimulationCraft it's possible to have a four piece bonus active without having a two piece bonus. Enabling a four piece bonus does not enable the corresponding two piece bonus. If working with above overrides both set bonuses need to be activated this way.
  • In SimulationCraft it's possible to enable any bonuses on any equip. Therefore even a profile without any set items can be used to evaluate such bonuses.