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Chart Explanation

What's going on here?

This chart shows how much power a full Soulbind offers.

It uses the "tier appropriate" SimulationCraft profile. If the fight style is neither patchwerk nor castingpatchwerk a "tier appropriate" fallback profile is used to improve the data quality. In a custom chart if the creator provided a profile, it replaces the formerly mentioned profiles.

If a Covenant Legendary is equipped, its effect is replaced by Unity. Non-Covenant Legendaries stay in the profile. All possible fully filled Soulbind trees are generated and simulated. Conduits are used at max rank.

The best performing path through a tree is shown. The performance of the other paths is still available in the data.

# SimulatonCraft example override
## Niya
##   Grove Invigoration
##   Niya's Tools: Poison
##   Bonded Hearts
##   Unruly Winds
##   Focused Lightning
##   Chilled to the Core

Soulbind nodes can either use their spell id or as shown above their name in snake_case.

Conduits can either use their spell id or as shown above their name in snake_case, followed by a number defining its rank, and followed by either a 1 to indicate an empowered conduit, or a 0 for a not-empowered one.